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LED driver applications​


From high power LED main application market ---- landscape lights, to analyze the large power LED market, the landscape lighting market as the largest application of LED lighting market, the share of about 43%. It's a new round of rapid growth is bound to drive the rapid development of the overall LED lighting industry. Landscape lighting in Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, Dalian, Nanchang some large and medium-sized cities has reached a considerable scale, the completion of a considerable part of the LED lighting demonstration project, these cities demonstration project successfully completed with success in Olympic venues use, indicating that the LED illumination in landscape lighting technology has matured. Whether domestic or foreign, urban landscape are a city landmark building products, and as landscape lighting neon lights are all over the world because of the energy, energy saving, environmental protection and other issues is gradually replaced by LED landscape lamp, all over the world about more than 70 million city, a city 5000 lamp calculation, a light about 1000 yuan to computation, the light generated by the enormous economic benefits is unpredictable.

Drive is the core component of LED lighting, with the maturity of LED chip technology, the quality of LED light source has been very reliable, many cases of LED lamps are from the failure of the drive. High power LED drive power is a new industry, has not yet formed a centralized industrial agglomeration, therefore, the regional is not obvious. And the number of enterprises to enter the industry is not much, therefore, the degree of competition is relatively low.

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