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  • LED lamp has the highest cost performance

    To compare the led lamp, traditional energy saving lamp and incandescent bulb. We take the 5w led lamp, 8w energy saving bulb, 40w incandescent bulb for example.
  • LED light bulb why so expensive?

    Today most lamps and lanterns and lamps use standard A19 specifications of the lamp, and now this kind of lamps have been LED version, but the price is high. For example, equivalent to the 40W or 60W ...
  • LED driver features

    According to grid electricity rules and led driving characteristics of the power requirements. In the selection and design of LED drive power to consider the following several points:
  • what is LED driver

    At present, the light emitting diode driver chip can be divided into: constant pressure type drive chip, constant current drive chip and pulse type drive chip. Among them, the constant pressure type d...

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